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On April 11, 2024, Thursday, the second-of-its-kind business forum “Professional Development in Medicine – 2024” will be held in the lobby of MU, which is organized by the Student Council and CVhype with the support of the Inter-University Center for Career Development.

Within the framework of “Professional Development in Medicine” several dozen presentations of top companies will be made. Students looking for a job or internship will be able to submit their CVs to their preferred companies or government institutions in the field of medicine, and have short interviews with representatives from their HR departments.

Which employers will you meet with?

“Professional Development in Medicine” will gather in one place leading Bulgarian and international companies, state institutions and hospitals offering internship and work positions in various sectors of Medicine. Companies from the fields of healthcare, biotechnology, pharmacy, social work, psychology and medicine will participate in the event.

During the event, you will receive career advice, consultations on how to prepare your CV, how to present yourself in the best way during an interview and much more, in a specially dedicated corner. Our specialists in career counseling and personnel selection will be waiting for you, together with a representative from the HR department of Manpower Bulgaria

Real opportunities for career development among the leading employers in the field of medicine

Why join “Professional Development in Medicine”?

As a busy doctor and medical professional, it’s hard to get free time for interviews – that’s why we help simplify the process by allowing you a place where you can conduct multiple interviews in the same day.

Every single student will have the opportunity for a career consultation with specialists who will give him invaluable advice when looking for a job in Bulgaria. Students will be able to participate in a conference program with lectures and discussions, workshops, company presentations, which are part of the activities of the forum.

The idea of ​​the project is to create real opportunities for accelerating the communication between the business, the university and the professional development of the MU students community. Organizers of the event are the Student Council of MU-Pleven and CVhype, with the support of the Inter-University Center for Career Development. The forum is under the patronage of the Rector of the MU – Prof. Dr. Dobromir Dimitrov.

We will be waiting for you on April 11, 2024, Thursday, in the lobby of MU.



Official opening

The Rector of MU - Prof. Dr. Dobromir Dimitrov


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City Hospital “Sveta Petka”

Presentation of the activity and structure of  "SV. PETKA" Medical Center AD, Vidin

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Acibadem City Clinic – Hospital Tokuda

Acibadem City Clinic - Hospital Tokuda - your right path to success



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Come to the live forum to meet leading companies that will offer you development opportunities in various areas of Medicine.

Entry for visitors - Free (with prior registration on the event website)


Pleven, April 11, 2024 - Thursday, in the lobby of TELEC and the Faculty of Pharmacy of MU-Pleven..

How to successfully prepare for the event

  • •Research in advance the companies that will participate and make a list of those you definitely want to meet and talk to
  • •Get to know the employers you are interested in in more detail. Most companies, in addition to company websites, already have social network profiles and actively manage them.
  • •Prepare a short personal introduction about yourself, in which you talk about your main knowledge, skills and experience, as well as which areas you are interested in or what type of position you are looking for.
  • •Think about what questions you might be asked and prepare answers

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